Athenry Adventurers

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Many moons ago, across a tavern, met the eyes of six mysterious individuals that were soon to become a band of heroes. Each bringing their unique set of skills they rescued, fought, and inspired peoples across the realm. However, after many years together their greatest adventure is just beginning to unfold!

In the year 12,022 of the human era (or 2022 to any muggles), this band of adventurers set out to share their stories and talents with the young people of Athenry. They set up their base in the great halls of the Athenry Community Centre, where the echoes of old legends still ring. Drawing in the novice and experienced young heroes of the land every Tuesday, training them in the ancient arts of dice throwing and role play. 

The old band of heroes each tell their tales of dungeons and dragons while the young heroes fight the monsters, save the lost, and gather wealth and renown. The Athenry Adventurers are no longer just a band of 6 but now a great hall of heroes, together, keeping the realm from danger.  

Who are we?

The Athenry Adventurers club is a youth group affiliated with Youth Work Ireland Galway that uses tabletop role-playing games (TTRPGs) to create stories and have fun. TTRPGs include famous games like Dungeons and Dragons, Call of Cthulhu, and Blades in the Dark. We are open to young people between the ages of 12 and 17 in the Athenry area. 

The club is run by volunteers who live in the area and wanted to create a space for young people to explore and enjoy TTRPGs. The club is a haven for diversity and inclusivity, working to celebrate our members – everyone is welcome. 

What do we do?

Every Tuesday between 19:15 and 21:15 the club arranges several tables where young people can play a TTRPG such as Dungeons and Dragons. No experience or materials are required to join. We welcome everyone and anyone wanting to ‘try it out’. We provide the materials, the players and the rest, you just need to bring yourself. 

Why is it important?

TTRPGs are a common hobby across the world, like board games they bring people together to enjoy each other’s company. In recent years the popularity for such games has risen due to its regular appearance in pop culture, e.g. The Big Bang Theory; Stranger Things, and Critical Role. 

Quite often, accessing the hobby can prove to be a hurdle. Certain games require books, dice, and maps to be run. Each of these can be costly on their own, without taking into consideration that most games also require a gamemaster to facilitate the stories, adjudicate the rules, and so on. 

The club aims to remove all of these hurdles so young people can get straight into what is really important, telling stories, with their friends, or with new friends, in a safe and fun environment. 

TTRPGs are an alternative hobby to common pastimes like sports that are already on offer in the area. They have been proven to greatly benefit the development of social skills in young people, specifically in their ability to listen to others and communicate their ideas. It also benefits their teamwork, creativity and problem solving skills as they regularly exercise these in game sessions.

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