The Plan

AthVentureCon 2023 will be hosted by Athenry Adventurers RPG Club in affiliation with Youth Works Ireland Galway in what we hope will become our annual fundraiser! All proceeds from this inaugural event will go towards supporting the Athenry Adventurers RPG Club.

So What’s The Plan?

Doors will be open 9am to 9pm and each ticket guarantees a minimum of one 3-hour gaming session, all the talks and demos, vendor row and artist alley.

The Grand Hall of Quests

This room will be full of games running all day long and your ticket guarantees at least one game, but most will be able to play a second game if they want! We have Game Masters signing up from all over the country that will be running a huge variety of gaming systems and levels. There will be something here for people completely new to Role-playing games and those that have been playing for decades! Tired of playing the same old system? This is your chance to try something completely new! Check out our list here.

There will be plenty of time for GMs to run a game or two and still play as well! If you’re a GM, please do get in touch! You get in free too!

We will have some tables designated for 18+, but many tables will be open for all ages 12-112.

The overall game schedule can be found here with full details and descriptions emailed out to ticket holders. The earlier you book your ticket, the earlier you get to pick your table!

The Panel Room

We have a full schedule of panels, workshops and talks upstairs in the Panel Room! Check out full details here.

Artisan Alley

There will be 16 different vendors of all different varieties in our Artisan Alley. Artists, collectors, special edition miniatures, fantasy authors, leather TTRPG accessories, board games, dice, crafters…the list is long with something for everyone to enjoy.

The Side Quest Room

  • The Athenry Heritage Centre table and Medieval Photo-Op
  • BattleTech Ireland demo table
  • Free play tables – board games, card games, etc.
  • Tables to sit and eat food from Ye Olde Tuck Shoppe

Athenry Heritage Centre Medieval Photo-op

The Heritage Centre will be bringing a wide selection of their weapons, armour, costumes and other props along. Make sure you stop by for a truly epic photo-op!


BattleTech is a table-top wargame where you fight with giant robots. What’s not to love!? Stop by their table to learn more and have a go!

Free Play Tables

Dungeons & Donuts will have a huge selection of board games for rental on the day for just €5 per game. There will be plenty of space to play any games you rent from the library, or that you may bring with you.

Food & Beverages

Outside food isn’t permitted inside the hotel, but Ye Olde Tuck Shoppe will be open in the convention hall throughout the entire day. There will be soup, sandwiches, chicken goujons/sausages with chips, chocolates, crisps, tea & coffee, cans and water bottles. These will be served as take away so you’ll be sure not to miss out on any gaming!

The hotel restaurant will also be serving a buffet style menu especially for AthVentureCon at 12:30-15:00 and 17:30-19:00. Vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options will also be available.

The restaurant and bar will also be open as usual!