The Merchants’ Guild

Here’s you’ll find a variety of artists, crafters, sellers and entertainers!

Below are just a few of the Merchants joining us. More to follow!


Marta is a Character Designer, Dungeon Master and frog enthusiast. At Martas table you will find loads of prints, badges, stickers and notepads. From cute frog illustrations to your fav D&D class badges to some darker artwork. You will even find crochet dice bags and cute crochet frogs and much more!

Warlock Leathercraft

Warlock Leathercraft makes handmade leather gaming accessories. From dice trays to dice bags and from potion bottles to armour, we have you covered for all your gaming needs.

*Special Feature* Check out their mystery dice roll where you can bag a bargain worth up to €80!

Windmill Wolf

A 2D animator and Illustrator from the West of Ireland. I am a huge fan of all things anime, animation and gaming! At my stall, you can find something for everyone. I’ll have prints, stickers, badges and even some bookmarks and notepads. I love illustrating fanart as well as creating my own original artwork! Pop by my stall and say hi!

I will also be opening commissions for AthVentureCon!


An artist with a background in animation creating prints, stickers and other small goodies. They love to work with cute and spooky themes, featuring both original and fandom related topics. They have recently released their very first comic which will be available for sale at AthVentureCon!

ADV Comics & Games

Alan Davide Roche is a collector who is currently downsizing his amazing collection of comics, comic art, board games and models. There will also be some other small bits and bobs for sale. You never know what treasures you’ll find at this stall!

He also teaches miniature painting, so if any gamers need pointers he is happy to help!

Dreamer Mihi – Cosplay & Crafts

Hello lil’ dreamers! My name is Joei Lee aka Dreamer Mihi. I am an
Asian cosplayer and crafter living in Ireland! I’m inspired by
traditional Oriental designs like Chinese Hanfu jewellery and
accessories, Japanese origami crafts, and also badges, ID cards and
cosplay props from various fandoms!


Katie is a queer illustrator from Dublin, Ireland who has been playing D&D for way too long. When she’s not drawing her D&D characters, she’s usually drawing someone else’s. KatiesNiceThings offers all sorts of quirky, fun and cheeky stickers, badges and stationary and other bits and bobs that should suit your Dungeon delving needs.

Katie will also be offering D&D character commissions and character badge commissions during the weekend!