We have some amazingly creative members. Here’s some of their works they are happy to share!

Series of Haiku

The table is loud

The chatterbugs choose to bite

Now our health suffers

A charisma check

Decides if we fight today

Or is we escape

My character fights

As I plot the next attack

Will it hit or miss?

Near the end of hope

I’ve taken too much damage

Time for a death roll

As I roll the dice

I hold my breath nervously

Fortune favour me

The battle is won

The treasure has been taken

Victory is ours

by Sarah K.

Battling With Friends

A bolt of flashed fire

A curing of wounds

A missile of magic

Fills these forgotten ruins

Hear a rage so potent 

It echoes through time

Hear the one who is skilled

In both music and rhyme

Within castle walls

The stealthy attack

Of the assassin thief

Dressing only in black

Following the faith

A crusader’s cause

The righteous granted strength 

Enforces holy laws

Fight on the frontlines

Attack to defend

The shape of the wild ones

Turned to heroic end

When unarmed strikes land

Go say a prayer

Open handed attack

Arrows caught in mid air

The range of this bow 

As sharp arrows fly

A party together

Fight to live or to die

by Sarah K.

Acrostic poem

D aring players

U undertake quests

N earing hidden

G olden treasures,

E xcevating many

O ther rewards,

N ever fearing

S udden death.

A dmire these

N ameless hero’s 

D edication to

D efying fate,

R evealing secrets,

A nd battling

G reat foes

O n adventures 

N ever-ending,

S eeking glory. 

by Sarah K.

Naomi Wilson