25 February 2023

Raheen Woods Hotel, Athenry

Fundraiser for Athenry Adventurers RPG Club

Opening Hours: Saturday 9am-9pm

A Visual Guide for AthVentureCon

We are endeavoring to be welcoming and inclusive to all members of the TTRPG community, including those with additional needs such as Autism. To that end, we have prepared a Visual Guide for AthVentureCon. This will show you photos of the venue and explain what to expect when attending the con tomorrow. We hope this will help to alleviate any anxiety ahead of the big day. Please note, our volunteers are always available too, should you need any additional assistance. The volunteers will be in bright green t-shirts with the AthVentureCon Logo.

Join us for the very first AthVentureCon!

AthVentureCon started as just a small, volunteer-run, fundraiser for our RPG youth club – Athenry Adventurers, but thanks to the support of the Irish TTRPG community, it has quickly blown up into something we could only dream of!

The day will feature 40+ tables of Table-Top Role-Playing Games, Board Games, wargame demos, cosplay, panels, workshops, vendors and artists and so much more.

AthVentureCon will feature a wide variety of TTRPGs, not just Dungeons & Dragons, and will have tables for ages 12+ and 18+. We have so many other exciting surprises in store, so be sure to click the images below for more information and follow us on social media!

The Plan– Lined up we have: 43 tables of TTRPGs, board game tables and library rental, demos, panels, workshops, cosplay, vendors, artists, a raffle and even a live play D&D game!

Check out the full plan for more details and make sure to follow us on socials to be kept up-to-date!
Merchants – There will be 16 merchants in the trading hall on the day. All unique!
Board games
TTRPG accessories
Check out the detailed list here!
TTRPG Info – Up to 51 TTPRG tables will be running throughout the day across three sessions of 3 hours each.
Dungeons & Dragons
Call of Cthulhu
And More!
Panel Room – We have a full day schedule of talks, workshops and panels. There’s something for everyone here! Take a look for full details and descriptions.
Location AthVentureCon will be in the beautiful Raheen Woods Hotel in Athenry, Co. Galway. There’s plenty of free parking and it’s easy to get to from almost anywhere in Ireland via bus, train or car. Make sure you let them know you’re with AthVentureCon when booking!
Athenry Adventurers RPG Club – While this will be an epic con full of fun and games, it is ultimately a fundraiser for this amazing group. Learn more about us and why this event is so important.
Sponsorship – AthVentureCon would love to make your business or cause part of our fundraising convention!  We can offer you a way to target your advertisement to our very specific audience.  Sponsors are an important part of making our con a success and raising money for the Athenry Adventurers RPG Club and we offer several ways to contribute!