We are delighted to announce that we’ll be working with the wonderful and talented folks over at West of Ireland Cosplay to bring you some exciting Cosplay events and activities. There will be something for everyone whether you’re an expert, complete beginner, or somewhere in the middle!

The relaxed nature of AthVentureCon makes this the perfect opportunity to try out a new costume, work on some new techniques, show off your very own original character, or simply dust off those old elf ears. West of Ireland Cosplay also have 2 days packed with Cosplay festivities!


The Costume Showcase:

Bring along your finery, your cosplay, and your favourite fantasy attire to the Costume Showcase. An opportunity to show off that incredible costume you have put together, draw attention to those beautiful details, and the cool new techniques you learned along the way! Come and tell us all about your cosplay or your own character that you have brought to life!

The cosplayers in the photo: (left) hakkcosplay as Nott, (middle) coschloo as Jester, (right) shadowsionnach as Fjord – characters from Campaign 2 of Critical Role.

The Cosplay Community Craft Meet:

The West Ireland, Northern Ireland and East Ireland Cosplay Communities are proud to present our first collaborative craft meet! During the craft meet We will be running a number of demos during our event and will be able to provide information for folks who may like to get involved and meet fellow cosplayers within their communities. Come chat, hang out, and maybe pick up some techniques to use in your next creative project.


Cosplay Content Creation Hour:

Have a great idea for a cosplay tiktok? Want to take a funny photo with your new cosplay friends? The stop by our cosplay creative corner. With ring lights and a tripod. Free for all for anyone to create, make memories and have fun in cosplay. It’s the play part of cos-play. 

Cosplay 101:

What is cosplay? Who’s it for and how to get started. The how-to panel for anyone looking to get started cosplaying. Or anyone looking for tips and tricks to improve. Including where to buy and how to make. Panel has a big emphasis on how cosplay is for fun, personal enjoyment and no one else.

Scrap Weapon Challenge:

Come along and make a fine weapon to bring with you on your next adventure using the most diverse of materials – CARDBOARD! – We will provide the cardboard and the markers, and you provide your creativity! What can your weapon do? Where does it hail from? Get creative and make something truly unique.

sarahmccostumes (instagram)

The West of Ireland Cosplay Community is a community driven group that is co-organised by Chloe (Coschloo) and Michelle (gooperchickenface). The aim of the group is to bring community events year around for cosplayers To learn, craft and get to know other people in the area.

Chloe and Michelle are delighted to be assisting AthventureCon 2024 in bringing a little bit of cosplay to the event. With years of experience in the hobby under their belts, they are hoping to provide a space for folks to learn something new, to showcase their TTRPG based cosplays and to maybe make some new friends. Please stay tuned for announcements as events are finalised!