Check below for details! More will be posted in the next few days.

Saturday will be for ages 12 and up and Sunday will have a more family-friendly atmosphere. There will be more games and activities for younger children, but not much in the way for the smallest. Recommended ages are for 8 and up as it will still be TTRPG theme and game heavy, so content and entertainment may not be suitable for young ones.

As we finalize the schedules, more information will be posted here. Make sure you follow us on social media to be kept up to date.

Narrative Design Workshop: with DM Declan from D8Dungeon

Sat 10:30 Thorrigg’s

Narrative Design – Join Declan from D8Dungeon in a Storytelling Workshop Designed to explore the critical element in any game, one-shot, adventure or epic campaign; the story is at the heart of everything a TTRPG builds on.

How do you write stories? What makes for a good adventure? Designing storylines and improving your narrative on the fly – what does it take to keep it all on track?

This workshop explores tips and tricks to build on your storytelling; got a question? Need help figuring out your next step in a campaign? The event will also give room for Game Masters and story tellers to workshop their own ideas in a safe and constructive space.

D&D Live Play: with DM Grim and a mix of brave volunteers

Sat 11:30 Myrq’s

Want to see what all the fuss is about? Why is DnD so popular? Maybe you’ve yet to take the plunge and want to watch a game before joining in one in ‘Callisto’s Hall of Poor Decisions’ (The Games Hall)?

Come watch a group of adventurers play through a one shot, guided by Dungeon Master Brian Grim Donnelly.

Featuring: Amy Willmont, Rhys from Athenry Adventurers, and special guest: author Maura McHugh.

The Costume Showcase:

Sat 12:30 Ignasious’s

West of Ireland Cosplay will be hosting a costume showcase out in the (covered and heated) terrace. There will be spot prizes, so get dressed up and come hang out!

This is a very casual and fun event, so get as dressed up or down as you would like. Our costume showcase is the perfect opportunity for beginners to get started and for veteran Cosplayers to try out something new!

There will be a couple of swag bag spot prizes too!

Wings of Balance – RPG demo

Sat 12:30 Thorrigg’s

Banbha Games is returning with even more of this beautiful game. The demo will offer a brief glimpse into the world they are aiming to create. It’s beautiful and unique, come check it out!

Upstairs there will be plenty of laptops for everyone to have a go at this special opportunity to help in the development of an Irish Indie video game!

Cosplay & Game Design -Maezza Romero

Sat 13:30 Myrq’s

Representing Galway’s own Romero Games, Maezza Romero will be with us on Saturday!

She will be upstairs in the Panel Room with ‘Coplay & Game Design’ discussing the incredibly important role cosplay has on game design and the potential success of a game. This is one for cosplayers, game designers and storytellers alike!

Maezza Romero is a Digital Arts and Technology graduate from NUI Galway, driven by a passion for games. She has been actively engaged in quality assurance, design and community development for diverse gaming projects.

Demos & Workshops: The Exiles Galway💙

Sat 13:30 Ignasious’s

The Exiles Galway will be with us offering demos. They ran a workshop for us at Athenry Adventurers RPG Club a few months back and it was a huge hit. Definitely make sure to pay them a visit!

The Exiles are a UK based martial arts group that teach a workable and full martial curriculum based on the works of Fiore Dei Liberi, a teacher of combat in the late 14th – early 15th century.

To that end, we aim to learn all of the skills involved in combat and defence in that period, including unarmed strikes and grappling, bastoncello, rondel dagger, sword in both one hand and two, fighting in armour, poleaxe, and spear.

The Exiles Galway have been going since 2016 and train every Wednesday evening 7-9pm in Salthill, Galway. ‘

Cosplay Community Meet-Up

Sat 14:30 Thorrig’s

The West Ireland, Northern Ireland and East Ireland Cosplay Communities are proud to present our first collaborative craft meet! During the craft meet We will be running a number of demos during our event and will be able to provide information for folks who may like to get involved and meet fellow cosplayers within their communities. Come chat, hang out, and maybe pick up some techniques to use in your next creative project.

Lawrence Schick: Lessons for Your Campaign from Baldur’s Gate 3

Sat 15:00 Myrq’s

Join the Principal Narrative Designer from 2023 Game of the Year in what will be a masterclass in storytelling and campaign design.

Lawrence was one of the first writers for Dungeons & Dragons in the 1970s and has been involved in TTRPGs, video games and writing ever since. This is a talk for everyone and not to be missed!

Behind the GM Screen

Sat 16:00 Myrq’s

At AthVentureCon we are spoiled with the number of amazing Game Masters we have. This talk gives you insight into what goes on Behind the GM screen. Hear from the experts about how they run their games, learn the ins and outs of the GM role and hopefully pick up a few tips to try in your own home game. Great talk for experienced and new GMs to ask the experts questions and find out what really goes on behind that screen. 

Host: Brian ‘Grimm’ Donnelly


Douglas Kaufman – game developer legend

Maura McHugh – SF-horror-fantasy author

Neil – Indie TTRPG creator of Fey Earth

Aoibhe – Athenry Adventurers’ own amazing GM

Hearthfire Tales: Live Show!

Sat 17:00 Myrq’s

On Saturday, join Dylan, Jim and Ryan on an adventure. What adventure? We don’t know, but we promise it will be hilarious and full of fun. Their live shows are always a hit at every event they do and are well-known for getting the audience involved in their shenanigans too!

Whose NPC is it Anyway?

Sat 18:30 Myrq’s

Saturday Upstairs- Join Dave & Ryan from @emeraldcollectivepodcast as they run through the alchemy involved in creating a fun, quirky and memorable NPC for your campaign or one shot.

Once you’re equipped with their 3 step plan, it’s time to throw it right back at them in real time as Dave & Ryan invite members of the Irish TTRPG scene to arrive at a party in character, based on your descriptions and guess who or what they have come as!

This will be an interactive panel with audience participation but based on a hands up only policy. If you’d rather just sit and watch, you won’t be called on to get involved.

Super Smash Bros

Sat & Sun Thorrigg’s

Join us for an epic showdown at the AthVentureCon (Unofficial) Super Smash Bros Tournament! This event will be run by the young people of Athenry Adventurers RPG Club!

Bring your A-game, because it’s time to show off your skills, compete against fellow gamers, and vie for the title of the Ultimate AthVentureCon Smash champion!

Be sure to check the event programme for exact time. Places in the tournament are limited, sign up will be right before the tournament starts. First come, first served.

Setting up a TTRPG Youth Club

Sun 10:00 Myrq’s

Setting up a TTRPG Youth Club

Feeling inspired? Want to set up a TTRPG youth club in your town? Come along to this talk to learn about how we set up Athenry Adventurers RPG Club.

A club leader and member will talk about how Athenry Adventurers RPG Club started and what we do. Special guest, Irene, from Youth Work Ireland Galway, will talk about the work YWI do in assisting groups like ours get set up and the supports they provide to make youth clubs like ours possible. 

Parent Talk: Intro to TTRPGs for Kids

Sun 11:00 Myrq’s

Children are naturals at playing pretend, but systems like D&D 5e are really not set up for little kids, so where should you start? Áine from Athenry Adventurers RPG Club, and a panel of little experts will share their favourite TTRPG systems for little kids, where these magical games can lead and share some of our favourite memories from our kiddie TTRPG adventures.

This talk is for parents, grandparents or cool aunts and uncles (and kids) who are interested in getting their children started in tabletop roleplaying games. 

Cosplay Content Creation Hour

11:00 Thorrigg’s

Have a great idea for a cosplay tiktok? Want to take a funny photo with your new cosplay friends? The stop by our cosplay creative corner. With ring lights and a tripod. Free for all for anyone to create, make memories and have fun in cosplay. It’s the play part of cos-play. 

Scarp Weapon Challenge

12:30-14:30 Thorrigg’s

Come along and make a fine weapon to bring with you on your next adventure using the most diverse of materials – CARDBOARD! – We will provide the cardboard and the markers, and you provide your creativity! What can your weapon do? Where does it hail from? Get creative and make something truly unique.

Cosplay 101

15:30 Myrq’s

What is cosplay? Who’s it for and how to get started. The how-to panel for anyone looking to get started cosplaying. Or anyone looking for tips and tricks to improve. Including where to buy and how to make. Panel has a big emphasis on how cosplay is for fun, personal enjoyment and no one else

Douglas Kaufman: How to Design an RPG Adventure (with only one playtest)

Sun 12:00 Myrq’s

Game Masters and those who think they may want to be, this is an amazing opportunity – Come learn from a master! Not only will you surely be inspired, but it sounds like he’ll save you loads of time too!

A writer and game developer with a long career in Role-Playing Games, Kaufman is known for his role in Sid Meier’s Civilization, Paranoia, Alpha Centauri, West End Games and a huge variety of other games. We’re delighted to welcome Douglas back again this year!

Expert Panel: Building a Fantasy World!💙

Sun 13:00 Myrq’s

Building a Fantasy World is a unique skill. How do you create the unique geography of the world, the people that live there, the culture and society they share, and the monsters that inhabit those lands? Hear the experts discuss the techniques they use to create their own fantasy worlds from scratch.

Brian Grim Donnelly moderates this talk with amazing creative minds!

David Green – fantasy novel writer (Nominated by the British Fantasy Society for best Fantasy Novel in 2023)

Neil Byrne – creator of Fey Earth TTRPG Fey Earth

Kayt- TTRPG map maker from Itsamap

And Special Guest Lawrence Schick! – Principle Narrative Designer for 2023 Game of the Year- Baldur’s Gate 3 (among a list spanning 50 years in the fantasy genre)


Sun 14:00 Myrq’s

You are about to enter the courtroom of Judge Ebenezer Clifford, and his ruthless jury of DMs. The people are real. The cases are real. The rulings are final.

Have a beef with your barbarian? Need a ruling for your rogue? Know a paladin in need of prosecution? The courtroom is in session, ready to find who’s guilty or not guilty of ttrpg crimes committed at your sessions. Audience participation highly encouraged, cases will be sourced in advanced and from live attendees.

And if you have a TTRPG Crime you wish to bring to court, then fill out this very official court doc and be there to receive the outcome. Sign Up Here!

Readying to Roll – A Session ‘0’ Talk

Sun 17:00 Myrq’s

Declan from D8Dungeon is back again!

This talk/workshop outlines just what a ‘Session 0’ is and why your table should consider implementing one. From safety tools, to setting goals and discussing characters; this pregame session only helps to enhance the overall game for everyone involved.

Part discussion and part workshop; the event will not only offer insight but a guide on how you as a player or a Game Master can orchestrate a Session 0.

Dungeon Master Workshop

Sun 17:30 Thorrigg’s

Are you interested in sitting behind the Game Master screen and running your own game? Are you a new DM, or even a seasoned one but want some new tricks? Do you have no clue what a Game Master or DM is but really want to run a role playing game?? Then make sure to check out Ellen’s Dungeon Master Workshop on Sunday.

This is a workshop perfect for teens too!

“Ellen is running a Dungeon Master Workshop, for newer DMs and seasoned! The workshop will include discussions about game quality, some guides and tips for homebrewing your own world, and give you the chance to share your worlds with other DMs! This workshop comes at no extra cost to you, just your creative thinking skills to sort through hypothetical issues you may come across in the game!”

Stay tuned, more to announce very soon!